How I’m learning dutch by watching the flemish reality show De Pfaffs

I have been I Amsterdam for a year now and I found it hard to learn to speak Dutch, reading is not to bad. I understand much more than when I listen to people speaking Dutch. My issue is mostly with how the Dutch pronounce certain letters especially the “G” and that they speak to fast for me to catch the dialog.

So, I have been trying different techniques but nothing has so far worked- traveling around in Netherlands and Belgium I found that Flemish is easier for me to understand, Flemish sounds very similar to standard Dutch spoken in the Netherlands. What I can gather the main differences is pronunciation and it is spoken in a softer tone easily make it easier to understand. On wikipedia flemish the definition is “is very similar to standard Dutch spoken in the Netherlands. The main differences are pronunciation and the relative popularity of certain words and adverbs. There are no spelling differences”

I recently started to watch the reality show De Phaffs, it is a Flemish reality show revolving around the family of former football goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff.

Initially, I was just curious about Jean Marie and why he had a TV show, I had seen some games he played in during his football career – but I realized quickly that I could use this to learn Dutch, as the show is in Flemish it has subtitles in Dutch – in the show they do not speak too fast so I can catch most of the dialog, being a beginner it helps me and I can read the subtitle when I do not get what they say.

How will this end, will I learn Dutch – to early to call.





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