Torbjorn Zetterlund

Fri 19 2016

I got my CTRL One Eyewear – I’m impressed

by bernt & torsten

I have been waiting for a while, finally, the CTRL One Eyewear turned up at my house. So what is CTRL One Eyewear?

What is CTRL One Eyewear

CTRL One is the world’s fastest tint changing sunglasses, developed for the U.S. Special Forces and now adapted and optimized for anybody that want quality tint sunglasses.

I have been waiting for a while to get them since I bought into the project on Indiegogo CrowdSourcing. Now I have them – at first look, they look amazing, lots of thoughts have gone into making the CTRL One a great product.


You get a lot of features that you do not get in regular sunglasses. The CTRL One comes with a bulletproof/ballistic lenses in line with ANSI Z87.1 impact resistance requirements, this will protect my eyes when I’m out on a cycle ride, I will feel safe that my eyes are protected.

Tint Mode

The glasses come with superior anti-fog coating, additional UV protection, CTRL One is a wearable device which comes with a micro USB rechargeable lithium battery, which you use to switch the tint mode. Tint mode can be set to automatic and manual control, the tint is adjusted within 0.1 seconds.

Main Use

The main use for the CTRL ONE for me will be to use them for bike rides that I have planned for this year. One of the rides that I’m going on is From Amsterdam to Barcelona, which will be a great time to test the durability of the CTRL ONE over many days of bike touring.

First Test

Riding to work today, I had the CTRL ONE on for the first time, they fitted me great, the adjustable nose strap was easy to adjust, I put the tint on automatic. It was a pleasant ride the glasses worked great, I did not notice any lag in the tint while being in bright sunlight or being in the shade of a building.

Overall a great experience.