Got a Dynamo for my bike

One of the problems I have had on long bike rides, are that my mobile phone runs out of battery, and I have no GPS to help me in navigation. One of the reason my phone run out of battery time, is the fact that when GPS is enable the battery consumes more power.

I have recently acquired a dynamo for my bike, I went for the Tigra Bike Charger – I really looking forward to test it out, to see if it will help me keeping my mobile charged.

Tigra BikeCharge

Tigra BikeCharge

For housing my Samsung Galaxy III mobile phone, I opted for the Tigra BikeConsole Power Plus – next weekend I will spend time on installing and test.

Dynamo Combo


With the BikeCharge, all I have to do is attach the dynamo to my wheel, place the phone on the mount on the handle bar and connect the USB cable.