Google has launched new security features for Google business users

Google has launched new features to help Google business users take more control of their security. The new Devices and Activity dashboard and security wizard provide businesses with improved tools to better manage and improve the security of Google Apps devices and GSuite accounts.

Here’s what’s changing and how the new security features can help your business.

Devices and Activity dashboard

Having mobile access to Google Apps lets users stay productive anytime, anywhere. But it also poses a huge security risk if devices are hacked into, lost or stolen. Keeping an eye on these devices and their activities is key to maintaining security.

The new Devices and Activity dashboard delivers enhanced security insights by providing a comprehensive list of all devices that are currently signed in to Google Apps or have accessed it within the last 28 days. The dashboard also tracks activities to help identify suspicious behaviour. If anything seems unusual or if there is a security breach, a separate setting lets users immediately change passwords and secure accounts.

Security wizard

Businesses with GSuite accounts can now boost their security by updating their security settings with the new security wizard. Step by step, the wizard guides users through different security areas to better secure their accounts.

Completing the security wizard will only take a few minutes and the administrators can update the following security areas:

  • Account recovery – Add a recovery phone number so Google can reach and alert you if they detect any unusual activity on your account.
  • Recent activity – Monitor activities and identify suspicious behaviour.
  • Account permissions – Check, set up and change account permissions for what users can and can’t do with their accounts.
  • App passwords – Check passwords across apps and GSuite accounts.

Any settings assigned through the wizard are considered as administrator settings. This provides even more security, as these settings take precedence over any security changes that individual users make on their accounts.





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