Google Apps training extension delivers interactive training

Entering Denmark on Ferry
Entering Denmark on Ferry

Are you using Google Apps, do you feel like you really don’t know how to use it properly?

When I work with Google Docs and Google Calendar, I feel that way quite often. I know how to use them – I don’t know how to use each feature and option like a productivity ninja!

If you sometimes feel the same I definitely recommend you check out ‘Training for Google Apps’.

This free extension from Google delivers interactive training and walkthroughs for a number of Google App services, including Calendar, Classroom, Docs, Drive, Forms, Gmail, Google+, Groups, Hangouts, and more.

Once installed it integrates seamlessly in native Google products, whether they’re opened in a browser tab or opened as a window.


“Set up the Training for Google Apps Chrome extension to access interactive, self-paced Google Apps lessons directly in your browser. The extension adds a Training menu to Google Apps services, including the Admin console. Click the menu to see relevant lessons. Each lesson is quick and easy-to-follow, with onscreen instructions and callouts to guide you. 

From there you can access step-by-step in-app video tutorials, product features, overviews, etc. It is extremely well put together, and something Chrome OS users have needed for years!


The add-on delivers a real in-app experience, with all training taking place in the Google App you’re using. No need to leave an application to learn how to use it helps.


Not every app/service is covered (Google Keep among them) but most of the more complicated or feature-dense of the search giant’s app offerings are.

Training for Google Apps is a free extension available for Google Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux and Google Chrome OS.

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