Fix My Bike Amsterdam

Today, I did something different, my bike needed some truing done to my wheels. Normally I do it myself, I have not had any luck getting the wheel to straighten, as I did not have all the right tools to do it right.

I would go to my local bike store, it’s always a hassle in getting the service on my timeline. Recently I got an advertising flyer from an Amsterdam-based company called Fix My Bike.

The claim is that they come to your house to pick up your bike or repair on spot depending on the repair required. I contacted them.

I contact with them, and stated what needed to be done, as agreed they came picked up my bike and returned it in the evening. When they returned they pointed out what they had done and also told me to test the bike before accepting.

The truing of my wheels was excellently done, the wobble I had was gone. I was very happy with their service, and I highly recommend Fix My Bike.



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