Torbjorn Zetterlund

Tue 26 2016

Even cyclists need to do yoga

by bernt & torsten

What a statement Even Cyclist Needs to do yoga, yes you need it. Cyclists that regular bike to work or competitively have a very strong cardiovascular fitness – but when it comes to flexibility, it has to be said that most of us are decidedly lacking.

If you take a look at what riding a bike entails, it’s a repetitive action with a limited range of motion, which means that the legs are neither fully extended nor fully flexed.

What happens to your body

Cycling is one of the few activities in which muscles contract only concentrically (while shortening) and not eccentrically (while lengthening) and over time, this can result in what’s known as ‘adaptive shortening’, the process by which muscle fibres physically shorten.

The theory is that tight leg, hip and trunk musculature increases elastic energy return. But there’s a major reason why the same may not apply on a bike and can cause muscular imbalances and postural changes.

To correct this, cyclists require to do yoga to stretch out the muscles that been used the most for cycling. Especially when you getting older, yoga becomes more important.

As a regular cyclist and software developer, I do yoga to flex my muscles, it also helps me as I have a job where I sit all day long.

I have built a mobile app for Android Bike Yoga, that will guide you in doing yoga poses specifically for cyclists, in the app, you can also schedule which yoga poses to use on which day of the week.