Torbjorn has been recognized as one of LinkedIn’s Top Recommended People and has a strong following of technology leaders and professionals. Below you will find just a sampling of his numerous endorsements and recommendations from colleagues, peers and the executives he has supported. Feel free to view his complete LinkedIn Profile by clicking the button to the right.

Coaching and Mentorship

“Torbjorn held many roles at Davis and Henderson. My interactions with Torbjorn have been as my Manager and Resource Manager for Davis and Henderson. Torbjorn’s vast experience overseas and in Canada gives him a unique view of the industry. He is an excellent mentor, guiding his team when necessary and allowing them learn via experience when required. Torbjorn is very direct and honest in his approach to people and work. He is someone who strives to deliver the best quality and demands the same from his team.” Sanjay Arasaratnam, Team Lead – Product Analysts, Davis + Henderson worked indirectly for Torbjorn at Davis + Henderson


“Torbjorn always got the job done. He worked very closely with my team and we all became quite fond of him as we partnered to get results. Torbjorn’s strength was holding people accountable to critical processes as well as commitments. Specifically as it related to vendor management, he held the vendors accountable to deliver and held firm to negotiate appropriate pricing. When required, Torbjorn would adapt current processes to fit the situation, which accelerated results. Consistency and reliability was critical within this role and he never let us down.” Gail Nagy, VP, Human Resources, Davis + Henderson worked with Torbjorn at Davis + Henderson

Strategic Focus

“Torbjorn was instrumental in managing the re-organization of our company’s Professional Services group. His role was to be the guardian of the new resource planning process. Working with internal clients, he built trust and relationships while enforcing dramatic changes on how we planned projects day to day. The organization gained efficiencies and insight, our resources were better scheduled and understood their objectives better.” Scott Connell, Manager, Staffing Development (Filogix Division), Davis + Henderson worked directly with Torbjorn at Davis + Henderson

Resource Management

“Torbjorn Zetterlund is a Senior Technical Professional with a broad technical and management background. In the capacity that we worked together at Davis + Henderson he managed all of the technology vendor contracts across the enterprise, ensuring that required resources were in place to meet the business needs of a large and fast growing Technology Services team. In addition, he ensured that contractors were brought in expediently through preferred vendors at the best rates, to fufill project resource requirements. He demontrates a strong business acumen and his professionalism and technical knowledge base would make him an asset to any IT organization.” Aneka Abrahams, Manager, Human Resources, Davis + Henderson worked with Torbjorn at Davis + Henderson







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