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Connect your WordPress to SalesForce

You have your WordPress website up and running, next you need to connect your WordPress with your Salesforce account to capture your new leads. Connecting WordPress to Salesforce is a straight forward process and in no time you can transfer data between the two platforms.

There are several WordPress plugins available WordPress to Lead app and Gravity Forms to Salesforce in the WordPress Plugin Directory.  The applications are easy to install, easy to add to your WordPress environment and offer organizations the ability to use multiple forms on their site.  These forms don’t offer much in the way of customizability beyond choosing which fields are included and which are required, but their basic functionality works well for most organizations.

These apps are great for organizations looking to push simple customer data from WordPress to Salesforce as a lead. Organizations have used this to track:

  • New e-newsletter subscribers
  • Event attendees
  • Volunteer recruits

Try it today and connect the two powerful platforms and see how your traffic grows.



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