When, where and how do I charge my mobile phone best?

There is plenty of advice and myths around when, where and how to charge a mobile phone. At the moment a few things can be as stressful as running out of battery while checking messages or talking to someone.

I have put together this article to give you seven handy tips on how to charge your mobile phone to extend the mobile phone battery.

  1. Avoid having the battery constantly charged at 100 percent. At 100 percent, the battery retains high cell voltage which increases the risk of reactions that damage the electrolyte. This can lead to a shorter battery life and faster discharge. Lithium-ion batteries enjoy the best between 20 and 90 percent charge.
  2. Always have your charger with you,  so you can charge your mobile gradually in short periods rather than one long charge.
  3. Mobile phones do not need to be completely uncharged. In the past there was a widespread myth that you should let your phone uncharge once in a while, that was when the mobile phones were using nickel-cadmium batteries. Today we using lithium-ion batteries, in all modern mobiles, laptops, and iPads, and lithium-ion batteries work differently.No need to uncharge your mobile phone.
  4. The temperature has a major impact on lithium-ion battery life. Avoid keeping your mobile at 37 degrees and in your pocket. The battery stays better at 25 degrees or at room temperature. Even worse, of course, is to leave the phone in the sun or in a hot car.
  5. Charge the battery under moderate temperatures. Remove the mobile shell before charging, keeping the battery at the correct temperature will extend the battery life.
  6. Best for battery durability is to charge shorter on a regular basis and not reach top loading so often. So let the phone rest overnight – considering potential fire risk.
  7. To extend the battery life, turn it off occasionally.

You can find more detail about the lithium-ion batteries at Battery University.

That’s my tips for you, do you have anything to add, do that below in the comment area.







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