Can worms get drunk?

Mint tea in Morocco
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a hypothetical question – can worms get drunk?

Living in an apartment we do all our composting through a worm bin that we have in our kitchen. The worms eats most compostable by products of our personal habits.In exchange the worms produce nice fresh soil that we use for our in-door plants.

The other day I had a coup of fresh mint tea, and as I had been out all day I felt a bit chilly so I added rum to my tea. When I was finished I asked my wife if I would give it to the worms, she said I don’t know they may get drunk.

So then we discussed what possibility would it be that the worms get drunk from the leaves and how would they behave, as we could not answer the question and she did not let me compost the mint tea leaves – I have to ask the world can worms get drunk?


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