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The best apps to make you more informed

In my case I use a few apps that make me more informed  to allow me to make quick decisions on my daily activities, the first thing I do before getting out of bed in the morning is to check weather and the news, living in Amsterdam knowing what the weather will allow me to dress accordingly  as I commute by bike to work.

If I know the exact minute it’s going to rain, I will be prepared for it when riding my bike, I have collected the best apps that I use on a daily basis.

Virtru Simple Email Privacy

Virtru Mobile

Virtru makes it easy to keep your private communications private. With Virtru, you don’t need a separate account — use it with Gmail or any other email provider. You can send secure messages to anyone anywhere, regardless of their email provider or what software they use to read their email. Virtru also works on your desktop with free plug-ins for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Outlook.

Price: Free (iOS) (Android)

1Password will make sure you never have to remember a password again.


1Password remembers all your passwords for you across all your computing devices. With a special browser extension, you just have to remember one “master password” and the apps will do the rest, helping you fill in your login and password details. It’s a hassle-free way to keep all your passwords safe and secure.

1Password available on MacWindowsiOS, and Android

Price: Free (iOS), Free (Android), $34.99 (Mac and Windows)

Yahoo Weather is the best-looking weather app out there.


Yahoo Weather is an award-winning weather app that is elegant, informative, and plenty useful. The app is packed with gestures and displays photos that match your location, time of day, and current weather conditions.

Price: Free (iOSAndroid)

Skype is an easy and free way to do video message.


Skype is still the best way to video-message people, and voice calls and video calls to other Skype users are free. And since Skype works on multiple platforms, it’s an easy way to IM or video conference without having to worry about what device everyone is using.

Price: Free (iOSAndroid)

Have a Google+ account use hangout to record your videos

Google+ Hangout

Google+ Hangout – Bring your conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

Google Chrome is the best mobile browser.


Google Chrome for mobile lets you bring your personalized Chrome experience with you anywhere you go, it’s lightning fast, easy to use, and syncs with your Chrome web browser on your laptop or home computer.

Price: Free (iOSAndroid)







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