Baking Tip for Wheat Flour Alternatives

Wheat (which contains gluten) is an acidic food that is over consumed in today’s Western diet. Below are a few alternatives to decrease your intake of gluten in order to avoid certain digestive upsets and illness in your future.

FlourCommentsNutritional QualitiesFlour equivalent to 1 cup white/ whole wheat flour
*Amaranth flour
  • strong, distinctive flavour
  • best combined w/ other flours that contain gluten or have more cohesion (arrowroot, tapioca, bean)
  • add to baked goods, pancakes/waffle recipes
gluten-free1 cup
* Brown rice flour
  • yields a sweeter, smoother bread
gluten-freeuse w/ other flours, use 20% of brown rice flour in recipe
Buckwheat flour
  • makes a dark, heavy bread
  • use w/ rice flour
the kernels contain an outer hull which is high in the essential amino acid, lysine; the darker and more nutritiousFlour equivalent to 1 cup white/ whole wheat flour
Kamut flour
  • light texture
  • rich, buttery flavour
  • use in baking
excellent substitute for wheat sensitive people1 cup
Photograph of 4 gluten sources. Top: High-glut...
Photograph of 4 gluten sources. Top: High-gluten wheat flour. Right: European spelt. Bottom: Barley. Left: Rolled rye flakes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*=100% gluten free

Jen Miller in a post about buckwheat – a 7,000 word guide on 14 health benefits of buckwheat according to science, and includes 8 delicious buckwheat recipes. Have a read.






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