Amsterdam to Dordrecht – 100 Km

Went on a workout, the wind was blowing towards Dordrecht, so I jumped on my bike and took off. On today’s bike ride I tested my body for how much nutrition I need for a plus 4 hours ride. Took in a large pot of oatmeal porridge 30 minutes before the ride, and only ate a few biscuits throughout the ride, I drank water and coconut water.

Used mapmyride app on an Apple iPhone 3 – run out of battery time before finishing the ride at Dordrecht Station. The funny thing was that because mapmyride app had not finished, when I got back home and charge the phone, the app added automatically the distance from my last position to home, not very good. Should be an option, were I could edit out parts of the route.


On the ride near Alblasserdam, I came across a field of windmills as seen in this picture.


Here is another picture from a different spot


The ride was great, a bit on the chilly side, did not feel any tiredness on completion, took the train back to Amsterdam.