Amsterdam – Goes – 197.98 Km

My plan for today was to ride to Vlissingen, instead, I ended up in Goes, this was due to some navigation issues I did in Scharendijke on Zeeland and after my iPhone had run out of battery. Instead of heading towards Middleburg. I went in another direction ending up in Zierikzee, luckily to me the wear a bridge I could ride on and I ended up in Goes. I could have gone from Goes to Vlissingen, I was out of energy and the wind had picked up – if I had headed towards Vlissingen from Goes I would have had a strong head wind.

Took the train back home, nice train ride supplied my self with a few beers and a sandwich at the Goes station got home in time for dinner.

Still have a ride to complete to Vlissingen and to visit a local pub before heading back home. To be scheduled.


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