A Poem: The Value of Public Services

What do you get for the money you pay, A question asked by many today, political right they say, What do public services really convey?

For roads and bridges, schools and parks, Public safety and security after dark, Firefighters, police officers and such, All paid for by taxes, but do they mean much?

Public healthcare for those in need, Ensuring that everyone can be freed, From the burden of illness and disease, A worthy cause to pay taxes with ease.

Public transportation for those without wheels, Getting people to work or their meals, And keeping the environment clean, Low emission buses and trains, a sight to be seen.

Public libraries that offer books, The key to the knowledge that everyone should look, And public parks that are a delight, For recreation and leisure, both day and night.

So don’t be fooled by those who say, That taxes are a burden to bear each day, For they fail to see the bigger picture, And the benefits that taxes deliver.

They may argue for small government, But neglect the needs of the populace spent, It takes collective action to build a nation, And taxes are the fuel that runs the creation.

So, don’t fall for their narrow perspective, For public services are indeed effective, In making our lives safer, healthier, and free, And creating a society that benefits you and me.

So to the people on the political right out there, Who doubt the value of public services and care, Remember that these are the things that unite, And make society better, fairer and right.

It’s time to embrace the public sector’s role, So pay your taxes with a smile and a nod, For they pave the way to a better road, Where public services thrive and live, And make our communities stronger and more positive.






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