cardboard placards and a spray paint

A Poem: The Slow Erosion of Democracy and The Death of The Planet

Conservative politics rises with a slow but steady hand Changing laws, bending rules, to seize command Fascism creeps in, wrapped in democratic guise As freedom is eroded, rights slowly dies

The people are lulled by the siren’s song As democracy’s veneer is stripped away, bit by bit, long Elections become a charade, a mere formality As power is consolidated, democracy a casualty

The ruling elite, they play a dangerous game, Exploiting fear and anger, they stake their claim, Their policies sow division, breeding hate and disdain While freedom and justice are sacrificed in vain

The conservative politics grip tightens, the noose slowly tight As dissent is crushed, opposition taking flight But in the darkness, a spark of hope remains A beacon of light to dispel the fascist’s chains

The conservative politics’ agenda, focused on power and control Leaves no room for climate change, a looming black hole The planet cries out, as temperatures rise But conservative politics ignore, with their blinded eyes

Their policies, a death knell for our earth As they prioritize profit, for all it’s worth The environment, a mere afterthought As conservative politics’ power, continues to be wrought

But the clock is ticking, the time is nigh For action on climate change, before we all die The future of our planet, hangs in the balance As conservative politics’ indifference, causes irreparable damage

We must raise our voices, demand a change To prioritize the earth, before it’s too late For the sake of our children, and generations to come We cannot let conservative politics, leave the planet undone.






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