Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 10 2023

A Poem: Social Injustice – An Illusion of Meritocracy

by bernt & torsten

Injustice runs deep in our society,
A slippery force, brutal to see,
But it’s there, strong and clear,
Affecting lives far and near.

Social heritage is what we call it,
The background that defines our merit,
But can we truly call it fair,
When it determines our future and welfare?

An underdog’s story we love to hear,
As it gives us hope and something to cheer about,
But it’s the exception, not the rule,
And our society’s structure we must retool.

Meritocracy is what we preach,
But the statistics we need to teach,
For the gap between the ideal and the real,
Is vast, and our progress we need to seal it.

The welfare state was meant to level the field,
But the benefits alone cannot yield,
The change we need to see,
For the social gap is still a reality.

The rich defend their interests and views,
Lobby for tax cuts and benefits anew,
While the low-income struggle to survive,
With government services that they cannot thrive.

Society’s hypocrisies we need to face
And create a world with a fairer place,
Where opportunities are equal for all,
And no one’s background makes them fall.

Let us not forget the power of education,
And the impact of a quality foundation,
For it can change lives and create a better nation,
And bridge the gap of social stratification.

Injustice is a force we must fight,
And create a society that is right,
Where merit truly defines our place,
And social heritage cannot erase.