Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sun 19 2023

A Poem: Planet’s Cry – The IPCC Report

by bernt & torsten

Listen up, world, I gotta story to tell, ‘Bout the climate, and how we’re going to hell, The UN report came out, and it ain’t good news, Forget 1.5 degrees, we’ve got bigger issues.

No matter what we do, the temperature will rise, 2040’s coming quickly, can’t believe our eyes, We’re on track for 2.8 by century’s end, It’s time to act now, before the planet we bend.

What does it take for us to see the light, To make real actions, instead of just talkin’ right, We need leaders to step up, and take the lead, To prioritize the planet, and not just their greed.

We’ve got to cut emissions, in every way we can, Reduce consumption, and think of a better plan, Invest in green energy, and change our ways, It’s not too late yet, but it’s a race against the days.

The clock is ticking, the future’s on the line, It’s time to act fast before we run out of time, We can’t keep ignoring, the signs of our fate, We’ve got to take action before it’s too late.

It’s pitch black for our planet, that much is true, But there’s still a glimmer of light, we can pursue, We can make a difference, if we start today, To save our world, and pave the way.

We can’t give up hope, we can’t lose faith, We’ve got to fight for our future, and not just wait, For others to act, it’s up to us, To make a change, and stop the fuss.

So listen up, world, it’s time to act, To make a difference, and not just talk about that fact, We’ve got to save the planet, before it’s too late, It’s time to act now, before it’s too late.