A poem: Planet Earth

Oh Earth, the gem of the universe, so rich and so fair, With oceans deep and skies so blue, and landscapes beyond compare.

A tapestry of colors, woven by nature’s artful hand, A haven for all creatures, a place where life can stand.

From the towering mountain peaks, to the rolling green hillsides, From the scorching desert sands, to the fertile valley tides.

This planet is a treasure, a place of such great worth, A place where we should all strive, to protect it since its birth.

But alas, we humans, with our greed and our disdain, Are causing so much damage, to this beautiful terrain.

With pollution, deforestation, and exploitation all around, We are tearing down the fabric, of this magnificent, sacred ground.

And as we continue down this path, we can only guess, What will become of this earth, and the legacy we possess.

So let us pause and reflect, and reconsider our ways, For only then can we protect, this precious, delicate place.

For the earth is our home, and we are but mere guests, And it is up to us, to preserve its beauty at its best.






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