A Poem: Melting Ice, Disappearing Home – The Plight of Polar Bears and Penguins

It’s getting hot in here but I can’t take off my clothes The heat is rising, the ice is melting, and nobody knows The polar region is changing, the landscape is shifting The consequences of climate change are truly uplifting

The glaciers are retreating, the permafrost is thawing The arctic animals are struggling, their survival is daunting The polar bear, with its thick fur, can’t escape the heat Its natural habitat is disappearing, it’s a defeat

The ice floes are melting, the hunting grounds are gone The polar bear is starving, it can barely hold on Its once white fur is turning brown, a sign of distress It’s a stark reminder of the impact of human progress

The penguin, too, is facing a dire fate Its home, the ice shelf, is disappearing at a rapid rate The penguin has nowhere to go, no place to call home Its future is uncertain, it’s left to roam

The polar region is in peril, the consequences are clear The impact of climate change is something we should all fear We need to act now, to make a change, to reverse the trend The polar bear and penguin, and all life, depend

On our actions, our decisions, our collective will To save the planet, to preserve it, to keep it still It’s getting hot in here but we can’t take off our clothes We must act now, to save the polar region and all that it holds.







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