A Poem: How Information Technology Changed Humanity

In the 1950s, a seed was planted, Of a technology that would change the world. The first computers, large and grand, A revolution in the making, in their own right.

The 60s saw, the birth of the internet, A network of knowledge, beyond our wildest dreams. But only governments and corporations had access, The world was yet to see, its true potential.

The 70s, a time of advancements, The first personal computers, now in view. But still too big and too expensive, For the average person, to make use.

The 80s brought, the age of the PC, A technology that changed everything. With the advent of the mouse, The world was now more connected than ever.

The 90s saw, the birth of the web, A platform for information, like never before. The world was now at our fingertips, A new age of communication, in store.

The 2000s, a time of rapid change, Smartphones and social media, now in range. A world of endless information, at our command, A new era of technology, at hand.

The years roll on, and we look back, On the evolution of information technology. From the first computers, to the internet, A revolution, that has changed humanity.






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