Torbjorn Zetterlund

Sat 11 2023

A Poem: Digital Daydreams in a Blinking World

by bernt & torsten

In the neon glow of our digital age,
Where seconds waltz on a fleeting stage,
The human mind, a restless rover,
Chasing attention spans that slip over.

Fast clips flicker on the mobile screen,
Double-speed sound, a hurried scene.
Everyday life, a whirlwind of light,
Yet, in the speed, we lose our sight.

Forty-seven seconds, a fleeting gaze,
A study’s echo from modern days.
From two and a half minutes, we’ve declined,
In the race of time, our focus confined.

Mythical whispers of eight seconds like a fish,
Yet the truth reveals a different dish.
Constantly shifting, a habit we’ve acquired,
From computer screens to phones, we’re wired.

Back and forth, the pulse quickens its pace,
A dance of stress, a digital embrace.
Jumping between steps, a frenzied chore,
The cost of focus, we can ignore no more.

Social media feeds, a tempting array,
Short clips designed to make us sway.
Addiction brewed in pixels and light,
A candy-coated, addictive bite.

In the early phases of digitization’s dawn,
Never too late to retrain what’s drawn.
Breaking the spell of scrolling’s trance,
Keeping the phone at a distance, a chance.

Difficult, yes, to break the chain,
Yet, in small steps, we ease the strain.
Daydream more, the remedy’s call,
In the silence, let our thoughts enthrall.

As screens commandeer our waking hours,
In the hum of data and digital powers,
A plea for focus, a rallying cry,
To resist the blink, the hurried goodbye.

In the realm of screens, where efficiency wanes,
Let’s nurture our minds, release the reins.
For as the digital tide continues to crest,
In the quiet moments, let our minds rest.