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A Poem: Breaking the Grip of the 1% – A Poetic Call to Action

The 1% have amassed great wealth, Their power stretches far and wide, With governments and decisions under their belt, Their grip on society they cannot hide.

The financial industry, complex and intricate, Confusing the masses with its jargon and code, Designed to keep the 1% in control, Their wealth and power forever bestowed.

Climate change, a pressing issue, Yet the 1% refuse to change their ways, Their habits and lifestyles remain unchanged, Ignoring the world’s cries for better days.

It’s time for us, the people of the world, To rise up and take action with fervour, Implementing live simpler, Protesting the 1% and their destructive behaviour.

Let us not consume, but live with purpose, Creating a world that’s sustainable and just, Together we can make a difference, And reclaim power from the 1% who unjustly thrust.

So let us stand strong and united, Against the powers that be, With the power of the people, We can create a world that’s free.







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