A poem: About programming your solution

In the days of old, there were fewer IT systems, a simpler time, Where solutions were straightforward, and troubles were easily aligned.

But as technology advanced, and businesses grew, The systems multiplied, and the chaos ensued.

With multiple platforms, and endless integrations, The complexity grew, and caused frustration.

For every new software, brought with it new pain, And fixing one issue, created two more again.

But there is a solution, a path to be found, A way to simplify, and eliminate the chaos around.

And that solution is clear, to program your system yourself, To have complete control, and to eliminate the need for anyone else.

For by crafting your solution, you have the power to decide, What features you need, and what can be put aside.

And in this way, you can ensure, that the system is a fit, For your business, your people, and your customers, bit by bit.

So take the road less traveled, and write your own way, And enjoy the peace of mind, that comes with owning your IT array.



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