A Poem: About Organisational Change

Organizational change, a time of great despair, A season of uncertainty, with feelings so rare.

For downsizing is the word that echoes in the halls, And everyone is wondering, who will be the first to fall.

The rumors start to spread, and fear begins to grow, As the news of cuts and layoffs, slowly starts to show.

But in the midst of chaos, there is hope to be found, For those who rise above it, and refuse to be brought down.

For change can be a catalyst, for growth and transformation, A chance to let go of what was, and embrace a new foundation.

So let us not be afraid, but open up our minds, To see the opportunities, that change can surely find.

For though the road may be rough, and the journey hard to take, We must have faith in what is to come, and make the necessary break.

So let us face the future, with courage and with grace, And embrace the change that comes, with a smile upon our face.







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