dinosaur and human skeletons

A Poem: About my time on planet earth

1950, a time of rebuilding, Europe rising, from the ashes of war. The Marshall Plan, a beacon of hope, A new future, for the people to cope.

The 60’s, a decade of change, Youth in revolt, a call for rearrange. Civil rights, peace, and love, they sought, A better world, is what they fought.

The 70’s brought, economic strife, Inflation and recession, darkened life. But with music and art, the people smiled, And danced through the nights, like a child.

The 80’s saw, the rise of the Right, Conservative ideals, took hold with might. The end of the Cold War, a moment of glee, But for many, the future seemed unclear to see.

The 90’s, a time of peace and growth, Europe united, took a new oath. The Iron Curtain fell, borders erased, The future looked bright, a hopeful phase.

9/11, a day that changed the world, Terrorism’s threat, left Europe whirled. A call to action, against this evil deed, For peace and freedom, all Europeans plead.

The years roll on, and I look back, At all the struggles, Europe’s been through. In this world of ours, so full of strife, We still strive for peace, and a better life.






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