A Poem: About an apology to future generations

Oh future generations, hear my plea, Listen closely to what I have to say to thee.

We, the people of the past, made a grave mistake, We caused the Earth to suffer, for our own sake.

With greed and ignorance, we took and took, Ignoring the consequences, of the choices we made and the path we took.

We burned the fossil fuels, and we cut down the trees, We polluted the air and the waters, with our waste and debris.

And as the planet warmed, and the climate changed, We watched as the glaciers melted, and the sea levels rose, strange.

We saw the hurricanes rage, and the droughts increase, But still we did nothing, to bring about peace.

And now, we leave you with a world, that’s not so bright, A world of challenges, that will test your might.

But we hope you can forgive us, for the harm that we have done, And take up the mantle, to make this world a better one.

For you have the power, to change the course of fate, To heal the wounds that we have caused, and to create a better state.

So future generations, hear our plea, Take care of this planet, for all eternity.






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  1. Leela Oommen Avatar
    Leela Oommen

    Excellent Poem,Totta.

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