A poem: About ageism and misogyny

Ageism and misogyny, are two plagues of our time, That rob us of our dignity and cloud our reason and rhyme.

For some are judged by their age, and told they’ve lost their prime, Their wisdom, skills and knowledge, all considered a crime.

While others are belittled based on gender alone, Their worth and value questioned, as if they are unknown.

These prejudices run deep, and can be hard to shake, For they are rooted in a culture, that’s narrow-minded and fake.

But we must rise above it, and fight for what is right, And shatter the stereotypes, that dim our future’s light.

For everyone deserves a chance, to live their lives with pride, To be valued for who they are, and not just their age or side.

So let us break these chains, and embrace our differences, For in our diversity, lies our greatest strengths and senses.

For ageism and misogyny, have no place in our world, And it’s up to us to stand up, and make their hold unfurled.






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