10 Life Rules

Do you have life rules that you live by, here are some thoughts about life rules to live by

  1. Nobody is thinking about you – So much energy is wasted on worrying, everyone is thinking about themselves – banish paranoid thoughts – so if someone is about to get you don’t fret about it, you can not control
  2. Live by the 70/20/10 rule – ignore the 10% that you will not be able to change, focus your time on the 20%
  3. Appearance is frequently reality – be yourself
  4. Envy no one – ever
  5. Don’t blame the parents for one’s life
  6. Never bring news of slander to a friend – if a friend brings bad news your guard is down and you react, if an enemy slander you, discount it
  7. Never expect gratitude – if you are spending your life to expect glory, you are going to burn yourself out.
  8. Go against the crowd to be a leader, not a follower
  9. Be a positive person
  10. Self-praise is no honor, you are a braggart, if another person says you’re great, people pay attention






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