Torbjorn Zetterlund

Wed 18 2020

The Best Stuff for Work from Home Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

by bernt & torsten

With the coronavirus dominating the news and the minds of many people around the world, many of us have been asked to work from home. With different guidelines in different countries, the common thread is to travel as little as possible and avoid meeting face-to-face.

How are you going about to conduct business as usual when working remotely how are your business set up to handle it by using video conference platforms to hold meetings, conduct training, and do work meetings with coworkers.

With support from Time Doctor, the following resources can help you use remote work practices in your organizations!

Free Remote Work Online Event

Time Doctor has created a completely FREE one-day online event called Remote AID 2020 on the 20th April 2020. Remote AID 2020 is an Emergency Work From Home Preparation Event. Register for Remote Aid today!

Resource to get started working from Home

Watch this detail-oriented video and hear all of the tips and tricks from Liam Martin, Time Doctor co-founder and CMO. Liam explains the importance of good and consistent communication with your remote team. 

Free Enterprise Tools for Remote Work

If your company is planning to have staff work from home for a few days or weeks, have you contemplating whether you have the systems in place to make that happen. Here is a list of enterprise tools that are making it easier to work remotely, and are making their services free to businesses and organizations. 

Which Remote Working Tips Can You Trust?

Since joining Quuu, Alanna Wilson has tested 5 of the best remote working tips to find out if you can really trust them.

How to Manage Remote Direct Reports

Harvard Business review article looks at the steps you should take to build trust and open lines of communication, how you should establish routines, and how you can help remote workers feel part of a team.