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  • 10 dangers being a cyclist

    10 dangers being a cyclist

    During a discussion about biking with a friend, he said aren’t you scared biking to work. I answer him that in general I am not scared biking to work, but I do have moments when I reflect on a situation that could have become dangerous. So, it dawned on me that I should put together…

  • Woodstock Triathlon 2010

    Just got back from the Woodstock Triathlon 1 Km swim, 32 Km Bike Ride and 8 Km Run – I complete in 2 hours 28 minutes, not bad as it was my first ever.

  • How to turn your biking commute in to a workout

    How to turn your biking commute in to a workout

    Many people bike to work, they go the same pace day after day, but do you not want to push yourself to higher endurance. Cycling is a fantastic exercise to gain endurance and strength while commuting to work.

  • Cyclist guide to the shortest city routes

    Ride the City finds the shortest distance between two points, with a difference. First, Ride the City avoids roads that aren’t meant for biking, like highways and busy arterial streets. Second, Ride the City tries to steer cyclists toward routes that maximize the use of bike lanes, bike paths, greenways, and other bike-friendly streets.