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  • Going up the country

    This is such a good song to listen to when you go on bike ride, I get motivated to go harder and also to enjoy the views that I pass on my way.

  • Heading to the Huizen Triathlon

    On my way to the Huizen Olympic Distance Triathlon, took the train from Amsterdam to Bussum, and then I biked over to Huizen. The race did not go that well for me, as usually the swim did not go well and I was very flat on the bike ride, it was also very windy – I have […]

  • who is in his right mind to

    gets up at 6 on a Saturday morning, leaving beautiful women in a warm bed – cycles to the Amsterdam Central Station to catch a train to Bussum Zuid, cycles from Bussum Zuid to Huizen to participate in the 28th edition of the Oostermeent Triathlon Huizen – go through the pain of an Olympic distance triathlon on a very windy and […]

  • How to avoid getting your bike stolen

    How to avoid getting your bike stolen

    The best way to avoiding your bike being stolen is to own a second-hand bike that the bike thieves do not want, but if you want an expensive bike you should try these top security tips instead …

  • Fueling during exercise

    In general, the recommendations for fueling during exercise are: If you are exercising for less than 45 minutes, no need for fuel during exercise. (As always, enjoy a pre-exercise snack.) For 1 to 2 hours of exercise, target about 30 grams of carbs/hour (120 calories). For 2 to 3 hours of exercise, target about 60 […]

  • 10 simple tips to start burning fat quicker

    10 simple tips to start burning fat quicker

    If you want to get your body looking healthy and feeling strong, you’ll need to incorporate aerobic activity, strength training, and healthy eating. Here are the 10 tips to you should remember to start burning fat:

  • How to fix your bike – bicycle repair guide

    How to fix your bike – bicycle repair guide

    Want to learn how to fix your own bike. BicycleTutor.com is the site that has hundreds of videos showing how you can fix your own bike.

  • Triathlon Distances

    This year I did my first triathlon, it was classified as a triathlon (1 km swim, 32km bike ride, 8km run), since then I have competed in 3 more triathlons and the length have varied slightly. Triathlon races vary in distances:

  • Welland Triathlon 2010

    Just finished the Welland Triathlon, I placed 127 out of 233 competitors, among the men I was 127 out of 142, so I have some work to do moving up the ladder.

  • Best workout tips that works for me

    Everyday exercises: Leave the car at home, walk, run or bike to work or walk to the bus, go train or subway station. Run to the supermarket, walk home with your shopping bags. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.