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  • Cycletrippin Day 1: Amsterdam to Aachen

    Cycletrippin Day 1: Amsterdam to Aachen

    When I set out this morning on my cycletrippin ride from Amsterdam to Spain, I thought to myself that this ride would be my ‘mission impossible’. My ride today took longer than I had anticipated. Since I was carrying 10kg of extra weight, I could not ride at my usual speed. The other reason was […]

  • Amsterdam to Dordrecht – 100 Km

    Amsterdam to Dordrecht – 100 Km

    Went on a workout, the wind was blowing towards Dordrecht, so I jumped on my bike and took off. On today’s bike ride I tested my body for how much nutrition I need for a plus 4 hours ride. Took in a large pot of oatmeal porridge 30 minutes before the ride, and only ate […]

  • Heading to the Huizen Triathlon

    On my way to the Huizen Olympic Distance Triathlon, took the train from Amsterdam to Bussum, and then I biked over to Huizen. The race did not go that well for me, as usually the swim did not go well and I was very flat on the bike ride, it was also very windy – I have […]

  • who is in his right mind to

    gets up at 6 on a Saturday morning, leaving beautiful women in a warm bed – cycles to the Amsterdam Central Station to catch a train to Bussum Zuid, cycles from Bussum Zuid to Huizen to participate in the 28th edition of the Oostermeent Triathlon Huizen – go through the pain of an Olympic distance triathlon on a very windy and […]