You have a problem if you are always busy

We all have the same amount of time, each day – 24 hours or 1 440 minutes or 86 400 seconds, nothing more nothing less. What we do with our time is a different matter, have you ever asked colleagues or friends how they are doing, is the reply almost always a variation of “I’m busy.” To be busy has become normal, there will always be plenty to do. But being busy doesn’t mean being effective. How do you spend your time? We are not constructive in our thinking, we have given up on the fact that we could get work done differently. It becomes like a routine, we believe what we do is how it should be done. Often we feel that how we do something is the right step and it cannot be changed. If you cannot, you cannot, it is your choice. 7-8 hours sleep, 30 min to work 8 hours at work 30 min to home, your 24 hours is soon up. Of the 8 hours at work, how efficient are you, have you ever checked how much time you efficiently spend in an 8 hour day at work, it all depends on the type of … Continue reading You have a problem if you are always busy