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Hur blockchain kommer att förändra industrier

Blockchain, en framväxande teknisk innovation, är en metod för att dokumentera data via en digital register som registrerar och verifierar transaktioner, överenskommelser och avtal. Tekniken möjliggör omedelbar överföring av digitala tillgångar och minskar – eller helt tar bort – behovet av mellanhänder (t.ex. banker och andra finansiella tjänster).

How blockchain is going to change industries – the easy guide

Blockchain, an emerging technological innovation, is a method of documenting data via a digital ledger that records and verifies transactions, agreements and contracts. The technology allows immediate transfer of digital assets and reduces – or completely removes – the need for intermediaries (e.g. banks and other financial service providers).

Google Intranet: G Suite And Intranets Working Together For Enhanced Efficiency

G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps, is Google’s cloud-based set of collaborative, content-sharing business tools and now it’s possible to use G Suite directly within your intranet. Combining both powerful tools in a single, cloud-based platform offers a number of great benefits, not least of which are enhanced efficiency and productivity. In this article we look at the enormous potential a Google intranet has to offer your business.