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  • Do the business own the source code

    Do the business own the source code

    When starting a new software development effort, the ownership of the intellectual property rights to custom software needs to be discussed in advance. As every invention or discovery, the design and the source code of a product are entitled to protection by law. Only the holder of the legal entitlements may exercise exclusive rights, if […]

  • Infograph – IT Help Desk Flowchart

    How does your organization go with the flow? Check out this typical IT help desk flow chart for escalating issues.

  • How to start your own business

    How to start your own business

    How to start your own business, some tips to get going.

  • How to mitigate risk the Dutch way

    I experienced a nice risk mitigation strategy at the Maastricht train station on Saturday, June 30th, 2012, I was on my way to take in the prologue of Tour de France 2012 in Liege, Belgium. I had arrived on platform 3 on a train from Amsterdam, to get to the train going to Liege I need to change […]

  • Disable javascript validation from my eclipse project?

    Disable javascript validation from my eclipse project?

    I have been using Eclipse for my projects, recently I run into some problems with Eclipse while going through the Two-Minute-Tutorial 5  for Android. While setting up a  new project using the Phonegap plugin for Eclipse with jQuery Mobile, I got an error with my jQuery library – after some investigation – I found that […]

  • Where does the corporate culture come from?

    Some CEO’s believe they can define the corporate culture of their company – we argue that they can’t. The reason for this is that corporate culture – like any other type of culture is a product of behaviors, norms, values, history and leadership style. If you want to develop a certain corporate culture it doesn’t help […]

  • What counts as a View on video sites

    There is a video available on by that discusses the findings of an experiment designed to test which actions trigger a “view” on popular video sharing sites. You can find the video below.

  • Was your Linkedin password hacked, check with this app

    You can check if your Linkedin account password was stolen by hackers with an app called LeakedIn: Is your password safe?.

  • jqPagination – User-Friendly jQuery Pagination Plugin

    jqPagination is a jQuery plugin for quickly creating a JavaScript-controlled pagination interface and functionality. The plugin is controlled with the special class names and attributes of HTML elements (for defining the prev, next buttons or setting the max pages). It has a pretty unique, simple-yet-functional feature which is the ability to clicking on the pagination item and setting the page to […]

  • Countdown.js – Calculate The Timespan Between 2 Dates

    Countdown.js  is a JavaScript library for calculating and displaying the  timespan between two dates. The library  calculates the value continuously considering “the time goes on” and keeps generating an accurate output. It can provide the timespan in many formats like milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and even millennias. There are  methods for displaying it […]