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Organizing your software product development cycles around DevOps

You have probably heard about agile software development, it’s a lean approach to software development. From agile software development has “agile system administration” or “agile operations” been developed that applying agile and lean approaches to operations work.

Troubleshooting an issue that caused my WordPress site to not allow logins from the frontend

I been adding plugins to my MultiSite WordPress site as well as adding new caching functionality to my server, initially I did not notice any issues. It was only when I was adding a new site that is going to use Woocommerce I detected the problem, the issue was that I could not add any items to the shopping cart. While debugging I realized that there was other functionalities that did not work either as post preview, admin-menu bar showing on frontend when logged in, preview of theme in Appearance -> Customize.

How to work with RESTful Services in CodeIgniter 3.x

With the new release of CodeIgniter 3.0, one of the powerful add on features to Codeigniter is the RESTful API server and client libraries. I will explain in this article how I use the Yggdrasil Codeigniter 3.0 repo to create a RESTful API for your web applications, and demonstrate how to interact with your own API or other RESTful web-services, such as Alchemy API.