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How to disable MySQL strict mode on CodeIgniter

I recently installed a CodeIgniter 3.x application and another PHP application on a new server, I did run into some issues immediately, the apps were broken, it connected to the database. Did not allow me to insert new data, gave me an error, took me some time to figure it out, the issue was that MySQL on the new server was set to strict mode.

HTTP Error 503 – Service unavailable

The 503 page error means that the web server is currently unable to handle the HTTP request due to a temporary overloading of the server. It’s a temporary condition which will be alleviated after some delay. Some servers in this state may also simply refuse the socket connection, in which case a different error may be generated because the socket creation timed out.

Installing ChromeDriver to use with

I run into a problem with setting up the ChromeDriver for, I did not fully understood theinstallation instructions that was outlined in the ChromeDriver Getting started guide, mainly because I was unfamiliar with including the ChromeDriver location in my PATH environment variable on the MacBook that I’m using.. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve updated PATH variables on Windows for years but never on a Mac.

This is what I did in the end

  • Download the ChromeDriver executable.
  • Place the driver in a folder – I choose to place it in /Users/<your name>/Documents/WebDriver
  • Update your own PATH to point to /Users/<your name>/Documents/WebDriver.
  • To do this:
    Open up Terminal
    Run sudo nano /etc/paths
    Enter your password
    Go to the bottom of the file and enter the path you wish to add
    /Users/<your name>/Documents/WebDriver
    Control-x to quit
    Y to save
  • To double check, quit Terminal and relaunch it. Run echo $PATH. You should see your newly added path in the stream of other paths already there.
  • Finally, update your tests to run using ChromeDriver (include code snippet) and run your tests!
  • If your PATH isn’t set up correctly you get an error message

That’s it, hope this helped you.