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Cycle Trippin Day 6 Summary – from Delaware Water Gap to Short Hill New Jersey

This was my last day of cycling for this cycle trip, I got a good night sleep, prepared myself a nice breakfast of oatmeal porridge and rhubarb pie – just ate half the rhubarb pie you never know when you need that extra energy from a pie. When I left the motel there was no person at the front, all doors were open so anyone could have come in during night, what do I care I’m on my way.

Cycle Trippin Day 5 Summary – from Scranton to Delaware Water Gap

Did not sleep that well, worried not not wake up in time as my host said I had to leave before 7:00 – I was compensated by a nice breakfast that my host Marlene had put together in the morning. I had cold oatmeal with cashew nut milk and chia seeds that sat in the fridge over night and a wrap with scramble egg and boild sweet potatoes – yummy.