A Poem: Financial Hypocrisy: The Salesmen in Disguise

Once upon a midnight dreary, As I pondered weak and weary, Came a thought so dark and eerie, About those who claim to advise us clearly.

They call themselves the experts, the wise, And they’ll offer you their financial guise, But listen closely, hear their lies, And you’ll see through their deceitful disguise.

These financial advisors, these bank salesmen, With a vested interest, again and again, Will tell you to invest, to buy, to spend, All while their own profits they aim to extend.

Through TV screens, and newspapers’ pages, They sell you dreams, as if they’re sages, But behind the scenes, they’re making wages, Off the backs of those, who’ll soon face financial cages.

Buy a house, they’ll say, in a crashing market, And sign up for a mortgage, don’t you spark it, For we are the experts, and we’ll park it, All in your bank account, and you’ll never mark it.

Those in power, they’ll point their fingers, At banks and politicians, all the money wringers, But they won’t lift their own money singers, And they’ll ignore the people’s financial stingers.

Save your money, they’ll advise, with a smirk, Put a year’s salary away, and don’t you lurk, But what about those who can’t afford to work, Who live day to day, in a financial quirk?

Take a bag to the store, don’t waste your cash, Freeze your bread, before it turns to ash, Check your wardrobe, don’t be too rash, But what about those who don’t have the stash?

Eat all the food, before it goes to waste, Buy short-dated goods, don’t let them go to haste, But what about those who struggle with taste, Who can’t afford the luxury of waste?

These hypocrites, with their false advice, Will tell you to save, but at what price, When their own pockets are full of ice, And your bank account, soon pays the price.

So listen to the whispers in the night, And ignore their words, so full of spite, For you are the one who’s in the fight, To keep your finances in sight.

Take control, and make your own way, Don’t be swayed, by what the experts say, For in the end, it’s you who’ll pay, And your financial future, you’ll have to sway.

So keep your wits about you, my dear, And don’t be fooled by what you hear, For your financial future, is oh so near, And it’s up to you, to make it clear.







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